Blue Heron Cotton Rayon Twist: Violet Fields

Blue Heron Cotton Rayon Twist: Violet Fields

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• 50% Cotton + 50% Rayon - one strand of each twisted together and when dyed, take the colours at different rates, producing a nice year round fabric with very subtle sheen when knit up

• DK hand dyed yarn - perfect for Hand Knitting, Crochet, Weaving and Machine Knitting

Suggested Needle Sizes: US6-9 or 4mm-5.5mm needles

For Shawls and accessories requiring drape and a nice soft, hand, please use size US8-10 or 5mm-6mm needles. For garments requiring more structure, IE Pullovers, Cardigans, Tops, please use size US6-8 OR 4mm-5mm needles.

Wash/Care: hand wash only, lay flat to dry. You may use Eucalan or Soak no-rinse fabric washes

All sales final on hand dyed yarn. This product hand dyed in USA.

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